The uniqueness of the individual is what brings strength to the team.

Valuing the Individual
Individual differences in the workplace must be sought after, nurtured and respected. High performance organizations understand this, but sometimes it is easier said than done. How do you coach workers not only to respect their colleagues as individuals, but also to seek out those co-workers as team members? How do you teach everyone to get along?

In this course, you will discover the foundation for understanding diversity and developing skills for working in environments and groups composed of diverse individuals.

Specifically, you will learn the value of:

  • Diversity in high performance organizations.
  • Appreciating diversity.
  • Using the advantages of diversity and inclusion for growth and expansion in a global marketplace.
  • Communication guidelines.

Managing Diversity

Problem: A manager faces a team in which everyone is different. What is the appropriate response?

Solution A: Demand that everyone think and act alike.

Solution B: Observe the differences and use them to enhance the team.

The manager is likely to choose either solution before participating in the Managing Diversity course. Afterwards, Solution B will be the choice. This module will align participants with High Performance thinking and managing. In this session, the leader will cover a wide range of topics including issues of race, gender, ethnicity, age,
disability, sexual orientation and physical ability in the workplace.

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