The Powers of Persuasion

We know definitively that the brain is hard-wired
to take mental shortcuts whenever we make decisions.

Internal mechanisms help us quickly assimilate
information and take the appropriate next step.

Those who understand how these mechanisms work have
enormous power to help others make easy, quick decisions


The Power of Friendship
Trust, friendship and common bonds are a key power.

The Power of Authority
By effectively showing credibility, knowledge and authority,
you reduce the risk inherent in most decisions

The Power of Consistency
We are slaves to consistency.
When we learn what others are consistent with, we can frame our request accordingly.

The Power of Reciprocity
This is the well documented, universal psychological requirement for quid pro quo.

The Power of Contrast
In the real world of the brain, objective values simply don’t matter: perceptions rule.

The Reason Why Power
Scientific studies create and validate the The Reason Why Power.
Ask without a reason, get turned down.
Provide a reason for acting, and you persuade compliance

The Power of Hope
Hope is the strongest motivator of all human activity.

This course presents the elements of each Power, shows how to activate each Power and how to apply individual Powers and their combinations.

We provide a process for determining which Powers wil be most easily activated in each persuasion encounter.

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