Emotional Intelligence

A Pathway to Personal Success

Achieve personal mastery as you transcend challenges
and learn the secrets of soaring new heights

"ascendancy or victory in struggle or competition."

[Webster's New World Dictionary]

Masters are the victors of life, those who step up to the challenges and opportunities of life with the courage, determination and wisdom to win private and public victories.

Mastery does not happen by accident. It is a process that occurs as we interact effectively with the events and circumstances of our lives. Each moment of our lives provides an opportunity to practice mastery by expanding our visions, awakening the faculties of our minds and our hearts, and assuming full responsibility for living, growing and contributing.

What You Can Expect

People who attend this program will learn a set of principles that will change the way they view their lives as well as their performance on the job. They will grow in self understanding, confidence, personal effectiveness, and their ability to handle the challenges/opportunities of the workplace. Such personal transformation forms the foundation for organizational transformation.

Principles of Self-Mastery

This approach to change is not a quick fix. However, during this program you will learn principles and participate in exercises that will allow you to truly become master of your own life.

Part Two:

1. The Integrity Model

2. Conquering Your Key Moments

3. Embrace Reality

4. Exercise Responsibility

5. Clarify Your Vision

6. Define Your Purpose

7. Act with Integrity

8. Value Who You Are

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