Medical Tourism

Medical_TourismElite Global is the premier consultant for hospitals seeking to elevate their healthcare services to internationally recognized standards and position themselves to compete effectively in the medical tourism industry. Aside from promoting the tourism destination and available hospital administrative, operational, and healthcare services, providers must effectively differentiate themselves from potential competitors. This is accomplished by providing prospective patients and payers with the relevant information needed for them to make an informed and educated decision regarding the available healthcare service options. The relative value of the information provided will vary depending on the market segment but typically includes details such as a hospital’s:
  • Pioneering and innovative qualities
  • Size and breadth of healthcare services
  • State-of-the-art technologies, equipment, & specialized/treatment alternatives
  • Internationally renowned medical staff and affiliated physicians
  • Awards, certifications, credentials, accolades earned
  • Affiliations with internationally renowned healthcare centers
  • Transparency in terms of quality, safety and costs
The successful implementation of a Medical Tourism Program also requires dedicated resources and specialized staff members that can serve as cultural brokers for international visitors. Surveys done by hospitals that cater to medical tourists have demonstrated that word of mouth is a leading source of patient referrals, so a customer-focused approach is essential. In order to be successful, it is vital to meet the unique needs of health travelers and their families and set appropriate expectations, thereby minimizing the risk of negative outcomes, which can result when language and cultural barriers are not addressed. Elite Global works with hospitals to develop dedicated medical tourism programs that are tailored to meet the unique needs of health travelers and are fully integrated into the hospital’s business development efforts and long-term strategy.
Elite Global is the “turn-key service and total solution” for hospitals in need of the expertise necessary to develop a successful medical tourism program which has the potential of generating incremental patient referrals, as well as offering an alternative revenue stream for the hospital.


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