Hotel Industry Special Expertise

recruitmentToday's economy requires smart thinking in the hiring and training of personnel. To this end, Elite Global utilizes advanced assessment systems to hire the right candidates for companies in diverse industries. With a combined experience of over 30 years in tourism and hospitality management, including five-star hotels and resorts worldwide, Elite Global teams of trainers provide proven solutions in the effective recruitment and training of employees based on your corporate philosophy and organizational standards. Elite Global recruited and trained personnel for leading hotels and resorts such as the Grand Cypress Hyatt, Palm Palace Restaurant Group, E-Brands, Sheraton Hotels, Rosen Resorts, Disney's Swan & Dolphin, and more world-renowned tourism providers.

Through its seamless search mechanism, Elite Global capitalizes on the invaluable experience of its trainers and consultants to recruit star candidates that will bring success to your company. Our trainers are executive professionals with years of experience in world-renowned hotel operations. Using a proven approach, our recruiters create the ideal match between your company and candidates by listening to your needs and taking into consideration your vision and mission, goals and objectives, organizational culture, and budget criteria to secure a pool of talented candidates who will promote the success of your organization.

To bring you the perfect candidates, Elite Global devised an effective system built on research-supported organizational behavior theory and ready-to-use, everyday practical solutions. This recruitment and hiring system consists of a series of steps that first include defining goals and job specifications through consultations on your corporate culture, business model, vision, and the ideal candidate profile. Step two of our system focuses on identifying and evaluating candidates to prepare profiles for your review. After that, Elite Global interviews prospects to determine whether their backgrounds are "on target" with your needs. Step four is candidate selection to ensure a smooth transition for your satisfaction with the search. The final step is client and new hire success by maintaining relationships with you and the new employee to evaluate progress and provide development opportunities for long-term success.

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